You can hear me trying not to laugh through half of this and clearing my throat all the time because before I recorded this I was trying to sing chandelier in the original key which was a fucking dumb idea and it murdered my throat


The Many Smiles of Loki


Here we have the; “That dress would look better on my floor” smile.


Crowd pleaser; “The panty dropper.” smile.


The classic; “Undressing you With My Mind’ smile.


And who can forget the; “Of Course I Will Ravage You” smile?


And all of it pales when it comes to; “See You In Bed” wink.







What is wrong with this site?! 

Fridging vs. Plot Armour: The Gifset

They were both Fridged. Loki just got a “Oh shit, we didn’t realize how popular he was,” revival coupon from SDCC.

I’d say Loki’s primary trope here is actually Redemption Equals Death. (Followed later by Dead Men Defrosting.)





Happy Chinese New Year !!!!

The Year 2014 is considered as the Year of the Horse as per the Chinese Zodiac Calendar which begins on January 31,2014. Hope you will bear the horse sign strive towards seeking freedom and happiness >w<!

i was born under the year of the horse btw :)

Happy New Year everyone!


An explanation of these pictures: in Chinese there is an adverbial phrase ‘马上‘ which means something like ‘soon’. Literally, however, this phrase means ‘on top of a horse’. As it is the Year of the Horse this year, many people have been using this pun by placing something they want on top of a horse to indicate that they would like it to come to them soon.

My contribution:

Batman on a Horse

This is a double pun because bat is ‘蝙蝠‘, pronounced ‘bianfu’, which is a homonym for ‘happiness and luck and good fortune’ (福 also ‘fu’). So while this is literally Batman riding a horse, it also means ‘may you (in this case, my followers) be blessed with happiness and good fortune soon’ :)

马上有蝠 XDDD





pure heartbreak..

The thing that gets me most about their relationship is that Frigga gets through to Loki. Thor in all his might and good will only empowers Loki to push him away. Odin in his stoic dignity empowers Loki to revolt.

But Frigga…

Frigga shows him empathy, kindness, adoration beyond anything Loki thinks he’s deserving of. In this scene alone, you can see that what she says to him reaches him. He’s not impervious to her like he can be to Thor or Odin or everyone else in the world. Look at him in that last panel: something is going on in his head. I don’t know exactly what he’s thinking about, but it looks something like regret. Perhaps he regrets attempting to reject his mother just then (of course he was called out on it like he knew he would be). Perhaps he regrets being in this situation where he has to be apart from her, regrets that she must look at him with such sadness in her eyes. I’m not saying he regrets what he did to New York and to Thor right here in this moment, but if anyone had the power to pull that out of him, it was Frigga.

She reaches him.







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